LOP author publishes 1 book, 4 on the way

Children's book writer reads in Auburn schools
By: Julie Miller, Design and Content Manager
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Words are a big part of Tina Roholt’s world.
“I have been a word person my entire life,” Roholt said. “Words have always fascinated me. That side of my brain has always been active.”
Math and science were a struggle, but language and vocabulary came more naturally.
Roholt is taking her talent and is writing children and tween books.
She has published one, with four more books in the works.
Her first, “Victor’s Pocket,” is for children ages 3 to 6, Roholt said, and she has been invited to read the book in classrooms around Auburn. She has visited St. Joesph’s Catholic School and will visit Skyridge Elementary and Cottage Hill Elementary later this month.
Roholt said she doesn’t shy away from using bigger words in her books to help young readers learn.
“Children can read up a level instead of dumbing down. I want a child to learn a word,” she said.
When raising her own children, Roholt said she would use “big explosive words” to expand their vocabulary.
“They excite me and I want words to excite children too,” she said. “When you see beautiful words on pages, you can make beautiful words in their head,” she said.
“Victor’s Pocket” is about a child who goes to preschool every day with something different in his pocket. Once it’s a centipede, another it’s a fire truck, and each time it causes the class to squeal with excitement. The story goes through a week with Victor bringing a new “treasure” each day.
The story was inspired by a child who approached Roholt while she was teaching a Bible study.
“One day this little boy zipped into my class and said, ‘My shirt has a pocket,’ and I thought, that is a story,” she said.
Over the weekend, in just and hour and a half, the book was written.
“I am convinced it was divine inspirations,” Roholt said.
While her publishing company is Christian Faith Publishing, her stories don’t have church teachings, but there are some undertones, Roholt said. In one illustration in the book, the character Victor is wearing a superhero shirt with the initials “JC,” a reference to Jesus Christ.
“The way the teachers speak to the children (in the book), is all very loving and kind,” Roholt added.
The book is illustrated by Roholt’s sister in law, Patricia Roholt, who used acrylics.

"I would describe the illustrations as a combination of line drawing and acrylic. Mixed media acrylic and ink," Patricia said, who is also a physical therapist. "I have been an 'amateur' artist since 1996 when, at age 40, I took an art class and discovered my hidden talent."

The next two books Roholt is working on follow the first book: “Victor’s Sister’s Pocket” and “Victor’s Grammie’s Pocket.” These books will be longer, with chapters and are meant for 3- to 9-year-olds.
And there are two more books Roholt is in the middle of, two tween mystery novels that she is writing simultaneously.
Roholt has lived in Lake of the Pines for 10 years. She grew up in Monterey. Her and her husband had a vacation home in LOP, visiting on weekends. When they became permanent residents her husband, who is a dentist, sold his practice and started a practice in Auburn, Pier 210 Dental Group. She helps him in the office with marketing.
“We are deeply here and love it,” Roholt said.
“Victor’s Pocket” is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites.