More administrative leave involving Placer coaches

District mum on reasons behind situation
By: Nick Pecoraro
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AUBURN– Another Placer High School coach has been placed on administrative leave, officials said, but for reasons that are unclear.

The Placer Unified High School District said that girls varsity soccer assistant coach Megan Montoya, who is not a part of the PHS faculty, has been placed on leave earlier this week as “a protective measure to ensure that an investigation may be conducted.”

The district also said that the decision is not based on any guilt from Montoya.

“It should not be interpreted as reflective of factual findings, as those have not yet been made,” PUHSD Public Information Officer Kristin Conner said in a statement to The Journal. “It is for these reasons that we ask that you refrain from judgment.”

Montoya’s husband, Joey, who is the Placer head football coach, told The Journal that although his wife would like to speak, she is limited on what she can say publicly.

“We have nothing to hide, but legally she can’t say anything,” he said.

A television reporter from CBS13 went to the Montoyas’ home earlier this week to ask about the situation, but Megan told the reporter that even she hadn’t been told why she was placed on leave.

“It’s pretty frustrating especially since I know I didn’t do anything wrong but anytime an adult is put on leave it makes you look really bad. So, it’s been a frustrating blow to my reputation,” Montoya told CBS13.

Team parents are just as flummoxed as the Montoyas.

One varsity soccer parent who wished to remain anonymous said, “I don’t know her. I just know the girls on the team really like her… Whatever is going on, it’s weird.”

Montoya’s situation is the second such instance involving Placer High athletics. It comes close to a month after the Placer JV basketball team was suspended for “hazing” allegations, claims of which the team was soon after exonerated by the district.

“Personnel matters are confidential, and maintaining that confidentiality is critical to ensuring the integrity of an investigation,” Conner said. “The district is doing all we can to ensure that we have a safe learning and work environment.”