Another View: An appalling association

By: Robin & The Time Traveler
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Portuguese Pirate:

Well it didn’t take long for Bloody Parrot’s cousin Nigel to find a starting point for his climb to the top of Auburn’s who’s who. Nigel showed up at the Meddlers last week in a 1940 black coupé with our esteemed mayor Bridget Powers and Councilwoman Cheryl Maki sitting in the rumble seat. As the ladies exited the coupé with wind-blown hair and muttering to each other, I noticed that neither of them had been wearing seat belts. Chief Ruffcorn will be getting a memo about this. Next, Nigel makes his slow exit from the car, feathers slicked back with about half a gallon of Wild Root Cream Oil hair tonic and donning a double-breasted, pin-striped wool suit with white silk tie and a pair of custom-made black oxfords with white spats. Then reaching back into the car he grabs a black fedora hat with a wide silk band and slides it on like he’s going to pose for the Parrot Boy magazine. Wow, that was an eyeful. As he starts his strut he begins handing out his card. If that’s not bad enough bloody Parrot crawled out of the passenger seat wearing a zoot suit. Looks like there’s a new Shamus office in town. Alert the media, I think we’re seeing a new syndicate being hatched.

Time Traveler:

I am appalled! I’m almost ashamed to be associated with this column. For the Pirate to implicate Ms. Powers and Maki in the same nefarious activity orchestrated by Nigel and Bloody Parrot is absolutely outrageous. The fact is those two innocent ladies were duped. They thought they were going to a Susan Rushton Silver Screen showing of some Humphrey Bogart, Sam Spade type ’40s movie. Nigel promised to pay their way in and provide snacks. Both ladies, blinded by the word “free” jumped at the chance. In truth, they should have known better. For one thing, Rushton’s Silver Screen movies at the Auburn Library the first Saturday of each month with showings at noon, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. And, it’s free admission. I suppose there’s some popcorn around somewhere. Moreover the next Silver Screen show featuring Robert Mitchum in something called “Not As a Stranger.” Bogart’s not showing up until next October. Imagine the girls disappointment when they got dropped off at the Rose Room at city hall instead. Speaking of the Rose Room and city hall, the Meddlers meetings are held there every Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. Where else could you go to rub elbows with District 3 Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, Mayor Powers and other movers and shakers in our area? Where else could you go to hear Steve Galyardt regale us with stories about his latest misadventure. Bridget Powers tell us about her last weird dream. Mike Holmes share a bit of odd mews. get the city and county report and still have time for a guest speaker all packed into one hour. Let’s hope the Pirate’s two parrots don’t start showing up at the Meddlers; our reputations are a little dicey as it is. Last I heard, they had rented Don Treco’s old Gumshoe Detective office in the Livingston building. I hear it came complete with Don’s old black phone-on-a-hook, a collection of ’40s Life magazines and a Maltese falcon.

Moving on I would like to thank Mike Holmes for being my guest on the last Newcastle Television Show which airs every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on AM950 KAHI radio. The Pirate abandoned me on that episode so it was easier to talk to another old duck whose memory goes back as far as mine and of course big thanks to Casey Freelove for being there to push all the console buttons at the right time. For me that’s all very confusing. When the sound goes off on my television at home I have to call my kids to find out how the hell to turn it back on. Don’t forget our show will soon be airing on KAHI’s new FM signal at 104.5 as a simulcast. The Voice of the Foothills will be heard wide and far with a steadier signal coverage.

Back to Newcastle, I would like to thank Susie Brown for her column on the Newcastle, Ophir, Penryn page of the Auburn Journal. She writes the real stuff going on in Newcastle, no fake news like the stuff the Pirate and I turn out. Speaking of Newcastle there is a Newcastle Community Association meeting in about 30 minutes and as far as I know I’m still on the board. I’ll let you know what happened when I get back … OK, meeting’s over, I’m back. Here’s how it went. Call to order, approval of minutes, blah, blah blah, community liaison report, blah, blah, blah and so on. Although we did discuss the Newcastle May event on the 6th. And for anyone who didn’t know, our meetings are on the first Monday of every month and we now have them at the Newcastle Elementary School Administration Building on Kentucky Green. OK, I’ve had enough; going to bed.

Portuguese Pirate:

Wait, wait, one more thing. Thank you Traveler for letting me have the last word. My apologies to Ralph Smith, just kidding, really my apologies to Ralph Gibson, Placer County Museum Administrator for getting your last name wrong. And with that ... on with the show.