Reader Input: Too many moments of silence

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We have had far too many moments of silence since Sandy Hook. Our children and community deserve real action to stop the epidemic of gun violence in our country. We're not alone and we're not helpless. There are many seemingly simple, yet powerful things we can do today!

More and more of our neighbors are uniting to bring the change we need. The phones in Congress are ringing off the hook with calls for common sense reforms, peaceful rallies are growing in numbers in cities across the country, and families and friends are gathering together in their own living rooms to talk about bringing violence prevention programs to their schools.
The movement is growing and we must keep growing it.

There is reason to have hope that we can prevent gun violence before it happens through sensible solutions and programs in our schools and communities that help us identify the signs and signals before a shooting happens and intervene early.

To keep this hope alive and bring the change we need, I am asking everyone to take two simple actions today. First, call Senators Feinstein and Harris today and ask them to support the STOP School Violence Act, which provides funding for our public schools to hire professional police officers and psychologists to identify and help troubled teens early. Secondly, Make the Promise at and help bring Sandy Hook Promise's no-cost, violence prevention programs to our schools and community.
Together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Mary D'Amour, Meadow Vista