PCWA works with neighboring district to deliver water to local agriculture customers

By: Staff Report
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In anticipation of the 2018 irrigation season, the Placer County Water Agency board of directors has approved a Memorandum of Agreement with South Sutter Water District allowing for continued operation of conveyance facilities that deliver water to PCWA agriculture customers in western Placer County. Although yet to be approved by South Sutter Water, the agreement signifies sustained commitment by PCWA to local agriculture, officials said in a press release.
Since 1981, when PCWA and South Sutter Water District first entered into a joint-use agreement, both parties have shared operational costs associated with the Pleasant Grove and Moore canals used to deliver water to PCWA customers in the area. Under the new agreement, PCWA assumes more responsibility of specified day-to-day operations of the canals, while South Sutter retains ownership of the canals and responsibility for specialized activities. Similar to the previous agreement, PCWA will reimburse South Sutter  for specific costs related to its responsibilities.
The agreement approved by the PCWA board runs through 2019, which allows time for PCWA to consider and fully understand expectations and obligations associated with potential PCWA ownership and operation of the conveyance system. Should PCWA determine it is in the best interest to own and operate the water conveyance facilities, PCWA and South Sutter Water may pursue a transfer of ownership just prior to the 2020 irrigation season.
“We have a very positive and long-standing relationship with South Sutter Water District with regard to providing water to our western county agriculture customers,” PCWA General Manager Einar Maisch said in the release. “This proposal is the result of outreach to and discussion with our customers, and is the best option for moving forward. We’re committed to finding a long-term arrangement that ensures agriculture customers in western Placer County have a reliable water source.”
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