Publisher's Perspective

By: Tom Kirk, Publisher, Gold Country Media
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If anyone tells you nobody reads local newspapers, please have them give me a call. On Thursday morning, I took over 50 phone calls. I also had one visitor to our Auburn Journal office. Before I share with you the reason for the high volume of calls, let me first give you a snapshot of your local hometown newspaper.
In the Thursday, April 12 Auburn Journal, our staff was able to package the following into our 32-page paper:
17 local stories in the first 12 pages
4 local sports stories
Sports schedules for 6 area high schools
62 local people photos
A 4-page spread on Auburn’s Best of the Best Local Businesses, with a ballot to vote
21 advertisers in our Find It Quick Service Directory
8 advertising inserts
3 crossword puzzles
3 sudokus
31 display ads
Weather forecast
Crime log
14 comic strips
California Lottery results
Celebrating our Faith Page with 14 local church ads
48 events listed in the calendar
Dear Annie
Positive local editorial on the Auburn Recreation District
3 local letters to the editor
Local money column
Column from State Senator Ted Gaines
Funeral notices and obituaries
3-page auto deals pullout with 11 ads and a feature on the 2018 Ford Escape
A Dining Out in the Foothills section with 4 ads and coupons
2 ½ pages of public notices
A Colfax business directory
In every issue our goal is to bring you a comprehensive well-balanced newspaper. As I am out in the community daily, it’s encouraging to see the passion that surrounds the Auburn Journal. At Tuesday’s Chamber of Commerce Meddlers, a good portion of the meeting was discussing a recent AJ article. At another meeting I attended last week, a photo in our paper generated a friendly find from one of Auburn’s finest citizens. Seven days a week day our staff is reporting on local happenings, “hunting” for good news, and delivering content that reflects the spirit of this area. We are a seven-day-a-week media company ( that publishes newspapers on Thursdays and Sundays.
We do everything we can to reach out to all parts of Auburn, Colfax and the surrounding communities to garner relevant content that matters to you. “Real news” in every issue. Schools, sports, government, religion, politics, arts, service clubs and more. The Auburn Journal is here to serve you. The Auburn Journal is here to deliver “results” for our advertisers.
Before I share the reason for my being tethered to my desk phone last week, I will tell you the Auburn Journal is not perfect. We are making changes every day to bring you the best product we can. We’ve made mistakes; however, we’ve learned from those. 
In this column, I work to share a glimpse into our business. The Auburn Journal has been publishing since 1872. Over the course of those 146 years, many format and frequency changes have occurred. In the future, changes will continue to occur.
OK, here goes: The calls I received on Thursday morning all stemmed from our not publishing the TV listings in the Auburn Journal. Talk about passionate readers, well, this was telling. I had the opportunity to not only hear their concerns of not knowing what time and channel favorite shows were on, but more important, engage each caller a bit more on why they subscribed, asking questions on what we could do better.
The lesson here is that you can’t please everyone all the time, however, our subscribers are undeniably loyal. Rest assured, the TV listings are in today’s paper. As for tomorrow and beyond, I again say “thank you.” I truly appreciate and enjoy being part of this community.