Reader input: Is it gaming the system?

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Nevada Irrigation District is getting ready to declare that they have surplus water (
NID claims they have 137 percent of normal storage in their reservoirs. They also claim they have only 60 percent of the normal snowpack. Well gee, it seems like if they have 36 percent extra in reservoirs and 40 percent less in their snowpack, they don’t have extra water, they have just enough water —  97 percent of normal.
A Thursday, April 5, Auburn Journal article “Survey: Snowpack improved but still only half of average,”  by Bill Sullivan, associate publisher, Gold Country Media, states:
“Despite recent storms, today’s snow survey shows that we’re still playing catch up when it comes to our statewide water supplies,” said Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program. “While today’s snow survey determined that the water content is much higher than February, the state will remain well below average for the year.”
“These snowpack results, while better than they were a few weeks ago, still underscore the need for widespread careful and wise use of our water supplies,” said Karla Nemeth, California Department of Water Resources director. “The only thing predictable about California’s climate is that it’s unpredictable. We need to make our water system more resilient so we’re prepared for the extreme fluctuations in our water system, especially in the face of climate change.”
So what is going on with NID? Are they trying to create a water shortage in order to justify their proposed dam on the Bear River? 
According to their project web page –
“The Centennial Reservoir- The Centennial Reservoir will provide critical water storage to Nevada and Placer county residents. Amid historically devastating drought conditions, the Nevada Irrigation District is undertaking this project to sustainably meet the region’s existing water needs.”
If they have surplus water, why are they continuing to pursue building this dam and if they don’t have surplus water; why are they taking steps to sell it out of district? It seems like NID is playing games with our water supply and our treasured recreation lands.
Donna Suarez, Colfax