Word on the Street: What is the most annoying habit other people have?

By: Tessa Marguerite, Reporter/Page Designer
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Matthew Velazquez, Ventura: “It’s like Brad Pitt’s character says in ‘Fight Club,’ when people are just waiting for their turn to talk and not really listening to the other person. Also Northern California drivers.”
Jerry Zavala-Macedo, LA area: “It’s kinda simple: When people act like they know something but they don’t instead of listening and                learning.”
Adrian Arce, fifth grade, Auburn: “Sometimes when you’re racing someone and they know they’re gonna lose they stop running and just walk the rest of the way.”
Nich Chalk, Auburn: “I think annoying is not the right word, but it’s seeing the lack of confidence in someone without eye contact.”
Ashton Tenorio, Auburn: “When people are rude or disrespectful to others.”