Reader input: Clinton can’t name accomplishments

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Maybe some of your readers noticed that my critic in “Damn straight, Ainsleigh!” proved my point: The only way you can make Hillary Clinton look good is by saying, “Bush was worse” (Reader Input, April 14).
 Clinton is a very accomplished woman, and knee-jerk lists 1) First lady (during which she accomplished nothing), 2) Senator (during which she accomplished nothing), Secretary of State (during which she accomplished nothing). For a little light entertainment, go to YouTube and run a search for the video of her response when a woman talk show host asked her what accomplishment she’s most proud of during her tenure as Secretary of State.
And pay close attention: It’s all fluff! Hillary doesn’t name even one accomplishment, basically because she can’t.
 Her major accomplishment as Secretary of State seems to be that, like Obama, she claims to have slept through the destruction of our consulate in Benghazi, a pretty good trick when you consider that, because of time-zone differentials, the Benghazi attack occurred from about 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Washington time. And she claims we couldn’t have gotten air support for the defenders from the U.S. air base in Italy, whereas the truth is that a commercial airliner could have made that trip in less than two hours, and we have supersonic jets. “Not enough fuel for the mission,” Hillary said.
Bushes I and II are trashed for handing first Clinton and then Obama economies that were in disaster, conveniently forgetting that such was also done when Carter handed Reagan an economic disaster, and the Clintons handed Bush II an economic disaster.
It was only Obama who let his hand-me-down economic disaster become the greatest economic disaster since the 1930s. Knee-jerk also blames Bush for that disaster, when in fact the foreclosure crisis that started it all was caused by that educated idiot, Ben Bernanke, who refused to lower interest to 5 percent from 8.5 percent so that the folks with three-year fixed mortgages that were going variable at 8.5 percent could stay in their homes.
  The illogic and forgotten facts to the contrary, the last thing our nation needs is a Clinton repeat of trade negotiations that create economic disaster down the road, and fighting all of Islam’s wars for them.
Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista