5 questions with a Sierra College Journalism Student

Bayne said there is no financial help for middle-income students
By: Interview Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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The Journal caught up with Sierra College Introduction to Journalism student Thomas Bayne, 18, from Grass Valley to ask him 5 questions related to journalism today. 1) What made you take journalism? I always kind of wanted to try it out. It fit well with my schedule. I wanted to try less actual prose writing and more actual reporting. Ironically, I was watching “Smallville” at the time and Superman/Clark Kent is a reporter, so I guess that was a calling. 2) What are some of your goals? I am trying to get a job as a content writer for a website. I’m starting a blog just for personal reasons. Mainly what I do is write fiction. I am finishing Sierra a year early because I took a lot of AP classes. 3) Where do you read the news? I mostly do online newspapers. Sometimes I read the New York Times because my dad gets it. It’s easier. 4) You mentioned Superman and I see you have superheroes on your shirt, are you really interested in them? Yeah, I grew up with it because my dad was a big comic nerd. That was one thing that stuck with me. I have a huge comic collection. (I have) over 400 to 500 comics. I have one which I bought for $12 that is worth $600, Amazing Spiderman Annual No. 3 from 1966. 5) Are there any stories you would like to see covered that are not being covered in the news? I think everyone seems to focus a lot on the lower-income students. My mother is a teacher. She makes enough to pay for my college technically, but with a house and everything else can’t afford it. They (the federal government) tend to look at a lot of numbers and not look at what is actually happening. I feel like something needs to be renovated because it’s ridiculous — you are going to college to get the job. Most of us take classes we need, but don’t necessarily want. After graduation you are supposed to be able to get a job to pay off the loans you had to take out to go to college. But after graduation there is no job waiting. Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.