Reader Input: Who do they think they are?

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Who do California’s legislatures and governor think they are supporting when they pass legislation that gives everything to people who crossed the border illegally and have not the right to be here? The latest shock comes in legislation that allows illegal aliens to serve on boards and commissions in our state. Giving them a voice over citizens who have lived here a long time. Doesn’t that disturb you?

We give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and register them to vote at the same time. Gee couldn’t that change the results of close elections if some of these persons go ahead and vote?

How about free tuition for illegal aliens? The University of California rolled out $25 million to fund illegal immigrants education. Our state won’t do that for California veterans who serve in our military but they give it to illegals!

Assembly Bill 2792 - Why are the Democratic politicians in our state more concerned with an illegal criminal’s rights than the citizens who legally belong here? Not only do they want illegals to stay here and not be picked up by ICE, they don’t want illegals who are criminally convicted and serving time, interviewed and deported. They have already proven they are not good citizens, why keep them?

The most insane edict is our governor’s proclamation that we are a sanctuary state. Illegals rights are more important than citizens for our legislature and governor.  When will citizens say enough?

Paul Harman, Auburn