Reader input: Say no to Senate Bill 562

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   Randi Swisley, guest columnist for “Another View” (May 12)  gives a glowing review and strong support for S.B. 562, Healthy California Act. The authors are Senators Ricardo Lara (D) representing So. East, L.A. and Toni Atkins (D) representing San Diego. 
S.B. 562 is a bill that eliminates private health care companies in Caliornia and replaces it with a “single payer” health care system where the government controls the  system. 
   Swisley states, “All Californians would participate in the program and private insurance companies would go away.”  Wait a minute!  Does this mean I would lose my Kaiser insurance?  The answer is “yes!” All private insurance of your choice — your own doctor and hospital — would not be your choice, but the government’s decision.   
   Swisley’s argument in support of single-payer is “… health insurance premiums have increased more than five times the rate of inflation in the last 10 years.” 
   But she has turned a blind eye to the fact that it was Obamacare passed in 2009 that was a major contributor to this problem.
   Insurance premiums and deductibles are no longer affordable for many citizens, and in addition, they lost their doctors and hospital of their choosing. 
   Veterans’ health care system is controlled by the government, and we all know how poorly it is run.
   Canada has a “single payer” health care system. Talk to any Canadian who has major health problems, and ask them why they come to America for treatment! 
   They will quickly point out that the Canadian system is overwhelmed, and the reason why appointments and treatment are not available in a timely manner.
   Swisley believes “health care is a right” and “it will be free with a single-payer system.” It is not a right, nor is it free. The costs will be defrayed with hefty tax increases as evident in countries like Sweden and Denmark, where take- home pay is approximately 30 percent of gross income.
   Say “no” to Senate Bill 562.
   Peter Brandt, Foresthill