Reader Input: Why we need the Centennial Reservoir

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If there is one thing this recent drought has taught our foothills community and all Californians, it’s that we need to make important strides to preserve and prepare for future times of water uncertainty. The Nevada Irrigation District’s proposed Centennial Reservoir Project will give us that peace of mind with an unprecedented sustainable and reliable water supply for the long haul.

We should all be thinking about what we are leaving for the next generation.

Will our children have water to grow crops or raise horses? Will they have lakes to swim or boat in? Will they have enough water to sustain the needs of a growing community? The Centennial Project will have lasting benefits in Placer, Nevada and Yolo Counties – consistent water availability to support local agriculture, small businesses and families, additional water storage where we need it most to prevent future water crises, clean energy for our community and a beautiful place for recreation.

NID’s Rollins and Combie Reservoirs have proven great mainstays but it’s simply not enough for our growing demand and the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Centennial Reservoir will make sure Gold Country residents have a more dependable source of water for generations to come.

Donna Roderick, Colfax