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Movin’ on up Trains dogs in focus and attention

By: Paige Smith
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Movin’ On Up
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Dogs are known to be man’s best friend but sometimes they can have their bad days, bad behaviors, and other dogs may be stubborn and not want to listen at all. Sometimes dogs can be easily trained by their owners and other times, they need something more.

Movin’ On Up K9 Training, offers unique curriculum that is geared toward helping all dogs learn basic obedience, positive reinforcement and more. Nancy Creal, owner and director of instructors at Movin’ On Up, retired from teaching in 2006 and followed her passion to become a professional canine trainer.

“I find it incredibly rewarding to work with families who are frustrated with their dog’s behaviors and see how thrilled they are when they have a well-mannered dog,” Creal said.

Their first-rate curriculum is individualized for young puppies, dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and competition levels. Creal emphasizes that all breeds and potential students are welcome to visit, observe classes and ask questions.

“Our philosophy is to train dogs in focus and attention,” Creal adds. “We want to teach you how to build a relationship with your dog; a relationship where your dog is focused completely on you regardless of what is going on around you.”

The takeaway of the classes is to create and build a strong bond and trust with your dog. By doing so, this will lead to a happier and more confident dog and lifetime relationship between the two of you, Creal said.

Whether clients have just started attending classes this year or have been attending for numerous years, they all seem to agree on one thing: It is a great, positive class for them and their four-legged friends. Brenda Afdal and her golden retriever, Samson, have been training with Nancy for three years.

“I appreciate that she not only hits on the basic obedience, but she will get into the rally obedience competitions and will guide everyone along,” Afdal said. “It is positive reinforcement training, which is so nice; there is no negativity at all.”

Kathleen Fraga and her puppy Kenzie have been training with Nancy for four months and have already seen a positive outcome from being in the class.

“Because of her four months, Kenzie got her canine good citizenship award at a small dog show,” Fraga said. “(Creal) is great with the dogs and correcting bad behavior and encouraging good behavior through reward and praise rather than punishment.”

Other clients who have completed their trainings agree that it is a great time not only for the owners but also the dogs whose tails are wagging throughout the class. Through the games and positivity with the animal both the dog and owner are happy. A variety of classes are offered from puppy socialization to competition obedience, rally classes and therapy dog certification.

Shiloh, golden retriever and therapy dog, has more than 12 years of therapy visits to hospitals, schools and residential facilities. Creal said that he is close to 13 years old and still provides his services and refuses to retire.

“When I ask Shiloh to say ‘hello’ to a patient he automatically goes up and lightly rests his head on their lap,” Creal said. “If a resident has no mobility in their hands, Shiloh will gently put his head under the hand, so they can feel the texture of his coat.”

The mission of Movin’ On Up is simple: Positive, utilizes motivational methods, effective and last, but not least, fun. Classes are offered at our large, enclosed facility at the Gold Country Fairgrounds.
“So, put your paws down and come to class,” Creal said.