A new beginning for Auburn’s homeless shelter

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It’s been several weeks since the Placer County Board of Supervisors announced that The Gathering Inn would be running our local homeless shelter. It is our view this was a strong choice for the community.
In recent years, homelessness has continued to be an issue needing to be addressed. We applaud our city and county officials, and law enforcement, for their efforts in not only confronting this but taking the necessary actions to deal with the homeless in a collaborative and humane way. It appears our community, law enforcement, local government, local businesses, citizens, churches, service clubs, and charities are all now looking ahead to assisting The Gathering Inn in their stewardship of the shelter.
While it’s always going to be the case where everyone can’t be pleased, and don’t our elected officials understand that, local and logical decisions are necessary to move the greater Auburn community forward. Through a request for proposal process from the Board of Supervisors, an RFP, Placer County citizens were able to hear the finalists vying to run the homeless shelter, make comments, and ultimately watch the entire process.
In the coming months we will see firsthand how The Gathering Inn operates. This locally operated organization has a strong track record in Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln. Many positive comments were witnessed during the vetting process, leading us all to believe the Board of Supervisors made an excellent choice.