Auburn’s Flyers buys into Texas, Florida markets

Quick Fuel purchase puts business in 15 new states
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The Quick Fuel network has concentrations of fueling stations in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Dallas and central Florida.  


Auburn’s Flyers Energy has made another major business purchase — buying 49 automated fueling cardlocks in Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia and 11 other states.

The Quick Fuel name will stay on the unmanned station sites, which cater to commercial truckers. The deal, for an undisclosed price, increases the number of Flyers fueling locations to more than 300.

Milwaukee’s Jacobus Energy, a presence in the commercial fuel industry since 1919, had established the network of stations along major trucking routes throughout the Midwest and South sold to Flyers.

Flyers has grown its reach through strategic fuel and lubricant company acquisitions over the past two decades while recently moving out of the convenience-store-retail gas station business with a sale of 39 locations in mid-2017 to Andeavor of Texas. Symptomatic of the fast pace in recent months of mergers and acquisitions in the gas business, Andeavor is being bought for $23 billion by Marathon Petroleum.

Flyers’ newly acquired fueling locations are also in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio.

Flyers has hired existing Quick Fuel staff members to continue their work. With strong regional identity, the Quick Fuel name will stay as Flyers continues its expansion in cardlocks throughout the country, Flyers Chief Operating Officer Ken Dwelle said.

Flyers now has a network of stations from sea to sea.

“Our vision for commercial fueling growth was to own or control sites from coast to coast,” Managing Partner Walt Dwelle said.

Flyers was founded by brothers Tom, Walt, Steve and David Dwelle in 1979 but the business’s legacy dates back to 1931, with the founding of Beacon Oil company by their grandfather. They started with the purchase of seven gas stations in the Sacramento area and expanded into commercial lubricant distribution as well as cardlocks before the sale of its 39 Flyers-owned retail stations last year and the further move into cardlocks.