In 67 years you see crazy driving

Reader Input
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Traveling northwest on Bell Road in North Auburn, with my left-turn signal blinking, I slowed down to make a left turn into my driveway. A glance in the rear-view showed a yellow Jeep crossing the center line behind me and attempting to pass. What to do? I braked to a slow stop waiting for the Jeep to impact my left rear fender. The Jeep swerved erectly and came to a full stop just inches away. I escaped Bell Road into my driveway having survived this exact near-miss for the second time this week. When is the last time you saw a traffic citation issued on Highway 49 or Bell Road? Residents of Bell Road tell me it never happens. After living on Bell Road for more than 50 years, neither can I. The stop sign at Bell and Joeger roads is blown by drivers every day. Some drivers slow a little and look at Joeger but many blast right through and most of the time they make it. I am one of those aging drivers who drive Bell and Highway 49 and for some crazy reason have never had a vehicle accident in more than 67 years of driving. I do pull to the side of the road to let the “as fast as we can make the turn” drivers go ahead and I slow to make the sharp turns on Baxter Grade. I also ran out of the house to see if I could help when that vehicle sheared off the two telephone poles in my front yard in the early morning light. Yep, he was dead and so young. Too bad he never got to smell the roses in the springtime. That was what living in Auburn used to be about. Jim L. White, Auburn