Tip of the NID iceberg

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Lack of public oversight has allowed the Nevada Irrigation District Board to become a haven for a good old boys club with little regard for ALL of the ratepayers who pay their salaries from their hard earned money taken as taxes and water bills. When asked if they were public servants at the last NID Board Meeting on June 28th, Director Nick Wilcox couldn’t bring himself to say yes. He said, “We are an elected board.” I get the feeling that some on this NID Board see themselves as superior to the people they work for. And when the people from the other side of the Bear River, fully one half of the Bear Watershed that is outside of NID jurisdiction, want to speak, comment time is begrudgingly given and cut short when possible.

During the last NID Board meeting on June 28th, the vegetation management plan was discussed. The costs for the various methods of removing vegetation and algae were compared. Currently, Roundup is sprayed along the water ditches, and algaecide is administered into canals and even ephemeral streams (called “randoms” by NID). The cost for switching to all-manual removal was estimated at 6 million dollars. One of the directors suggested that it would require a large rate increase for the public to go to manual removal. This fear tactic fades in the face of the 8.9 million dollars already spent on acquiring properties and advertising for a reservoir that is not needed when a large aquifer based water bank is available. This is just the tip of the NID iceberg.

Dianna Suarez, Colfax