Photo Feature: Auburn’s friendliness shines through at Co-op

First Thursday event finds a home in Old Town
By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Auburn Co-op is now a thing in Old Town.

An event that turns Auburn into a mini-Brooklyn, with plenty of bespoke art, food and beer mixing with an assortment of beards, tattoos and X-Gen smiles, the Co-op started out last year in the Downtown on Lincoln Way and moved in June to Old Town.

The center of the Gold Rush-era business district was closed to traffic Thursday for the second installment of the every-first-Thursday amalgam of food, drink, art, music and socializing.

Bryann Lawson said she emerged from her Newcastle home studio to take part in the Co-op and sell art and wall paintings for a second successive month because the event has something special.

“It brings all the local artists to life,” Lawson said. “It’s a collaborative effort, a place for artists to be together.”

Shoshana Bilunos, of the Auburn Old Town Gallery, said that the Co-op was bringing out the friendliness of the community and visitors were taking notice.

“I can’t believe how many people came out today — it’s a nice way to get away from the garbage in the world,” Bilunos said.

At times, during its height, people were shoulder to shoulder as they moved around the core area of Old Town. The Co-op will return Aug. 2.