Another View: Lucky to have a senior center in Auburn

By: Gerda Percival/Guest Columnist
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As a newly appointed goodwill ambassador for the Auburn Senior Center, it is my pleasure to let people of Placer County know how lucky we are to have such a place. 
Auburn Senior Center is an asset in our community, an asset to all active seniors as it offers many opportunities for people to STAY active via the many activities at the center. 
I have been a member for many years and taken part in many of the classes that are offered at reasonable prices. Membership for a single person is $25. Annually and for a couple the fee is $40. A monthly newsletter is produced and either sent to members by hard copy or via email. It outlines the current activities at the center. 
Our membership is growing, but we need the support of the community if we are going to succeed in keeping the doors open and expand the activities for our members.
Picnics and potlucks at the center is where you can enjoy the fellowship with friends, and as you might imagine, the food is always good. Bingo is the pastime activity that many of our members enjoy along with other card games. Our lobby also has many books and puzzles available to our members.
I have taken many wonderful trips sponsored by Auburn Senior Center. All of them were specially geared to seniors, making it easy to travel. It is nice to have your luggage carried; it is also nice to have all the tickets to special events on the trip, already reserved for you. 
The seats are usually better also. I will look forward to my next trip with Auburn Senior Center. Our travel desk is now open offering many interesting trips, something for every taste, so come in and look them over and perhaps take home a brochure to think and dream about.
Our lobby is open every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., so please come in, have a cup of coffee and a cookie and be pleasantly surprised to see a friend or two, or even make some new friends. 
We are located at 550 High St., between Elm Street Motel and Salvation Army. Telephone number is 530-823-8172. Our Director Denise DiMiceli and Assistant Director Lisa Fuller will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions regarding activities and membership.
Our board of directors is working hard to help the Auburn Senior Center grow and thrive to the benefit for all active seniors. Auburn Senior Center is like a “Boys and Girls Club” for active seniors, BUT, we do welcome younger people too, they can’t help it if they are not yet older.
This is the beginning of my help to Auburn Senior Center and I am asking for the help from our entire community to step up and do what they can to make Auburn Senior Center a soft place to land for those seniors who need us for a happy life and also for a shoulder to cry on when that is needed, through grief counseling.
Gerda Percival is the goodwill ambassador for the Auburn Senior Center. Contact her at