Reader Input

Law enforcement support for Bear River Park appreciated

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Bear River Park and campgrounds, just outside of the town of Colfax, has been described as a “diamond in the rough.” It is well known for its beauty, recreational opportunities, facilities, and campsites next to the river.
One complaint over the years has been loud or unruly campers and people abusing the 14 day camping limit in the individual camping sites. During April and May of this year, Placer County, who runs the park, and the local Sheriff’s Deputies have stepped up law enforcement. This has resulted in a safer and more family friendly experience for campers. As a local resident, I applaud their efforts to enhance this community treasure and bring out the potential economic, social, and recreation benefits for our region.
Placer County also plans to provide online reservations next year and change the camping limit to seven days.
As populations increase and more people look for river recreation in a relaxed setting, our Bear River Park will become even more valued and valuable.
Thank you Placer County and the Sheriff’s Office for a job well done!
Dianna Suarez, Colfax