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Create balanced park access plan

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On July 10, I spoke at the North Auburn Municipal Advisory Council regarding the Hidden Falls Regional Park Access to be approved for 5345 Bell Road, Twilight Ride property. I want to share what I tearfully shared with them as I appeal to the Placer County readers for their understanding and support.

Here are my notes.

My name is Jean Piette. I live  miserably close to 5345 Bell Road for the Hidden Falls Access at the Twilight Ride 50-acre site. My husband, Jim, and I are here to pose some questions for our Placer County officials.
Ever since the May 31 article in the Auburn Journal, that was the first notice of the county plans, we have been on an emotional merry-go-round.

What we have found is that our years of hard work, following the law, paying our bills and taxes, and believing in the goodness of others, rings shallow. It seems meaningless.

Our love of the environment as compared with the Placer County — Placer Legacy as well as the Placer Land Trust, matches perfectly. But, we are learning that the application of the Legacy Mission is narrow in its scope. It seems that it doesn’t apply to us and our neighbors.

Our community is not the community of the legacy and county. There are certain groups that prevail when it comes to granting the rights to open space, natural landscapes, tranquility, active and leisure recreation, scenic beauty, protection by the county standards and ambitions.

We are learning that all of our endeavors to achieve our retirement home and property in a location in a natural landscape with open space, a pristine tranquil location with scenic beauty that does not create pollution and benefits the local community through our payment of property taxes and payment for the many services received is not valued by the county.

Yes, it is becoming more and more clear that those who have contacted our supervisors and others, who are asking for more hiking trails, more bike trails, more equestrian trails and more places to go to enjoy open spaces take precedence over us.

At least, it is being reported to us and our neighbors that the contacts are numerous. It is not clear to us that these calls represent a greater number than the taxpaying constituents who will be voting in our county. We don’t even understand why other locations are not desirable alternatives.

We don’t know the figures showing how many are residents who reside in our county. Let me make ourselves clear, we support those who are equestrians and bicyclists and hikers and other nature lovers. We support those who visit our parks and we enjoy them as well. We question, why do we have to meet the needs of others at the expense of others? Why can’t we accommodate more visitors in a purposeful way with no damage to neighborhoods and communities?

We realize you know of all of the other options out there for the general public and that brings to question, Why are you so eager to accommodate them in this outrageous move against the resident/property owners in the area in question? What’s in it for you aside from your legacy? Do you truly believe in and support the development and urbanization of our county and make it a tourist attraction at the sacrifice and expense of your resident/property owners?

Jean Piette, Auburn