Reader Input

Petty politics

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If the two “non-Republican” members of our Board of Supervisors supported a resolution in support of motherhood, doubtless Dianne Foster would find fault with it. Her reality is totally shaped by her petty partisan politics.

In a recent letter (Journal July 26), she faults Supervisor Montgomery for her stand on fire prevention in Foresthill, and the supervisors as a whole for their vote regarding sanctuary.

First, as Jennifer Montgomery has been married to a fire official for many years, I suspect she knows far more about fire prevention than Dianne ever will. And as Ms. Foster has never held any elective or appointive position, has never had to oversee a program or approve a budget, it is easy to see why she has such a lack of understanding of the actions of those who do.

Second, the supervisors — with the exception of Kirk Uhler — should be commended for their refusal to become enmeshed in the sanctuary fight. This is NOT a county issue; it is a state vs. federal concern and is also very divisive. The only reason some bring it up locally is a need to hear themselves shouting, and they can miss no opportunity to stick their thumbs in the eye of those who disagree. They seem to be taking the cue from the current president and his daily rancorous tweets. It is sad to see this at our local level — and sad indeed to see Kirk Uhler pandering to them.

Larry W. Smith, Auburn