Reader Input

A new facility for our food closet

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I have been asked to reach out to the lawyers in the Auburn Area to ask their help with a new facility for the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet. This organization plays a vitally important role in our community by providing food to over eight thousand families a year.

The food closet has to move from its current location because the landlord is a brewery and wants to expand into the space. The current rent has been $3,000 per month. The food closet bought a piece of property near the Starbucks on Auburn Ravine Road in Auburn with proceeds from a bequest. It wants to build a new million-dollar facility that will be perfectly suited to its needs and which will be in the best possible location to serve its clients.

The AIFC has some money on hand from savings and has been raising money for the new facility. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will give the Food Closet a $600,000 dollar loan at 4 percent interest for 40 years to build a new facility. If we can raise the shortfall between the money on hand and the Department of Agriculture loan groundbreaking will happen soon and a temporary move with the accompanying disruption will be avoided.

The end results of our efforts will be a new facility that will be designed for the basic mission of the food closet but will also include a community kitchen and other facilities to help educate the clients out of poverty. Instead of facing increasing rent over the next 40 years the food closet will have monthly payments of $2,600. This is a project that makes eminently good sense. Please help as generously as you can. Please contact the AIFC at 530-885-1921 or at 12972 Earhart Ave., Ste. 301, P.O. Box 132, Auburn, CA 95604.

Paul W. Comiskey, Auburn