Back to school

First days of EV Cain has kids in high spirits

By: Hannah Kanik
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For most students, the first day of school is a sad sign of the end of summer and the beginning of work.

However, at EV Cain Middle School, the first day of school has transformed to be a celebration rather than a chore.

As students walked into EV Cain Middle School on Wednesday morning, they were greeted with music, encouraging signs and friendly faces.

Principal Cindy Giove said this change is hoped to create a more positive environment for students to learn in and to build a strong support system and community.

“If you have a positive culture, you can have better learning,” Giove said.

This three-day initiative will have students get to know each other through icebreakers, rock-paper-scissors competitions and themed lessons.

There will be a rally on Friday for students as well and a face-off between student and teachers to name the ultimate rock paper scissors champion.

Students will go over the safety procedures as well and have the chance to learn about the different extracurriculars Cain offers.

Cain stands for community achievement integrity now. Giove said these things are vital for EV Cain and that building a strong community will lead students to success in the classroom.

Giove said despite the three-day kick off, classes will stay on schedule and it will not affect the number of school days.

Throughout the year, EV Cain will continue to teach its students different weekly personal development (PD) lessons about cyber bullying, kindness and goal achievement.

EV Cain will be welcoming back Breaking Down the Walls, an in-depth assembly that teaches students to empathize with each other, later this year.

At the rally on Friday, teachers will be honoring Olympic Gold medalist, Stacy Dragila of Auburn.

Giove said they will be watching a video about her to inspire the kids. She said they hope to have Dragila come out to the school sometime this year.

“Together, Cain can,” Giove said.