Reader input: Republicans need to hold Trump accountable for his actions

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Trump’s shameful performance at the “summit” has definitely removed all doubt about where his allegiances lie — siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a murderous autocrat who is actively attacking the United States and our democratic institutions and undermining the very Constitution Trump has sworn to uphold.  At the same time Trump attacked everyone from the

U.S. intelligence agencies, the justice department, the free press, and even Hillary Clinton despite unequivocal evidence Russia has launched an attack on America and continuous to do so.

So, where are you, Republicans? Where is your patriotism, your sense of duty to your country? We know Republicans know about this illegal, treasonous collusion since the day top Republicans, Ryan and McCarthy were taped saying they believed that Trump and other Republicans were literally on the Kremlin’s payroll. But they don’t care! They cower idly by, content to rake in their tax-cut money and ignore the existential threat to America and our way of life. A handful of Republicans have expressed a somewhat wimpy disapproval, but take no real action to hold Trump accountable. This particularly relevant locally in that Tom McClintock, Republican congressional representative for District 4, actually defended Trump saying he was right to give Putin’s denials equal weight with the U.S. Intelligence. Our Republican congressional representative from District 1, Doug LaMalfa also fell lockstep into line by saying he was not troubled by anything the President said in Helsinki. It is fairly clear where these two stand when it comes to defending our nation.

This is a clear moment of truth. There is no more denying who Trump and the Republicans are. The question is, “who are we”? Will we stand idly by, remaining silent while America decays into a footnote in history? We have a choice: surrender or fight back. I suggest we do the latter by launching a massive, stinging judgement at the ballot box this November. The stakes are

extremely high.

Frank Roeske, Auburn