Reader input: Unfettered immigration adds to poverty

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The wave of Socialist protesters calling for abolishing ICE have no concept of the job they do and the huge number of drug traffickers, and smugglers of children for the sex trade that they apprehend. I cant believe these demonstrators are so naïve to think that everyone crossing our border is a good candidate for citizenship. We know there are thousands of MS-13 gang members who have crossed over and who have set up shop in many of our cities, taking over the drug trade and raping and murdering any who get in their way.


Did you know that 51 percent of immigrants are on welfare? Yes, that is a sobering number that comes from the Pew research center. There arent enough jobs for low skilled people, and in California those poor folks cant even afford the price of rentals.  We already have a situation where those working in our state barely outnumber those on some form of social welfare. This is a dangerous situation in any city, state or country. We have a population of 35 million people currently of which 18 million are working. According to reports, 8 million people, or almost 20% of our population are on the poverty level. Homelessness is already out of control.  The increase in crime from unfettered immigration, and the rise in welfare, education and hospital costs will result in drastic increases in taxes to cover the burden to our state. Unfettered immigration is harmful to our state and country.

Paul Harman, Auburn