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No roads lead to Hidden Falls expansion

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The County of Placer and well meaning people have dumped millions of dollars through the Placer Legacy and Placer Land Trust for acquisition of land for preserving and recreation use. I understand that they think they should dump more in with the purchase of the property at 5345 Bell Road to “protect their investment.” However, common sense would say it is important to weigh carefully the pros and cons before endangering the lives and property most directly affected.

According to professionals, a wildland fire travels approximately 6.7 mph up to 14 mph depending on weather and terrain (uphill faster than downhill). Bell Road runs parallel with proposed expansion of Hidden Falls about a mile east of Big Hill towards the Auburn Valley Country Club homes. If a fire were to start, it could be about 10-15 minutes to hit Bell Road and in another 15 minutes could be at Highway 49 at Cramer Road. Just imagine that. It takes approximately 10 minutes for fire trucks and a truck hauling a bulldozer to get from the corner of Jaeger and Bell as I witnessed when recently a house north of Cramer Road burned to the ground.

I live west of Bell Road on Cramer Road with a 9-foot wide paved lane; no turnouts. It would be impossible to hook up my trailer, load my little dog, important papers, and horses and get out in that amount of time. I would end up, most likely, jumping into my pool with my little dog and end up listening to my horses and other animals screaming as they burned to death.
To that add the volume of traffic all up and down Bell Road trying to get out. Cramer and Bell on fire. No way out as the emergency vehicles attempt to go against the traffic to get to the fire. Fire suppression proposals don’t mean a thing if the firemen can’t access the area.

The roads in this area: Bell, Cramer and Lone Star and many side roads are not sufficient for this proposed Hidden Falls expansion.

No Hidden Falls access on Bell Road ever!

Diane Dolley, Auburn