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People of the United States

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The article, Petty Politics (Journal Aug. 8), was forwarded to me by a long-time friend in Placer County and I must address Mr. Smith’s comments regarding commending four supervisors for their refusal to become enmeshed in the sanctuary fight. True, it is not a COUNTY issue — it is a NATIONAL issue and I applaud and salute Supervisor Uhler for standing up to them in defense of Placer County citizens and their safety. The “pandering” is to the society of lawbreakers who, by being here ILLEGALLY are breaking the law to begin with! The first seven words of our Constitution are “We the People of the United States ...” and NOWHERE after those seven words is there any reference that any part of it applies to people of other countries. As for Ms. Montgomery not supporting funding for the Foresthill station, the people of her district should deal with her accordingly for not looking out for their safety.

Ken Delfino, Keystone, SD