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Please stop this craziness

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My family and I are devastated over the county plans for the Twilight Ride property at 5345 Bell Road for  an access to Hidden Falls Park. We live right next door at 5355 Bell Road and are in literal fear of all of the negative impact it will have on our lives. We will no longer have the privacy we so much enjoy because all of all the traffic it will generate with the park being open from dawn to dusk 350 days a year. Trash will be strewn all along the road that will follow our property line to a parking lot which will hold 100 vehicles and 40 horse trailers, directly behind our property. We will have traffic, trash,and noise on three sides of our property. Transients and fires are of BIG concern. We will need to keep everything tightly locked up, always.

Our wildlife will disappear, fox, raccoon, dear, quail, even occasional bob cat.

The oaks will be cut down.

Not only will this take away the way others are making a living we will have to pay taxes on this. Talk about insult to injury.

We left LA in 1978 to escape the crime and chaos and now having to relive the nightmare all over again.

John, Tim and Ginny Barnes, Auburn