Reader input: Shout-out to Maki Heating and Air

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A big shout-out to Maki Heating & Air. We were the lucky recipients of their generous offer of a new HVAC system; with certain restrictions.  Our only heat source was a wood stove, my husband was in a horrible car accident on Highway 49 in Auburn, is disabled and can no longer cut nor haul wood.  Debbie Dahl, president of Maki Heating & Air posted on Facebook’s Pay It Forward in Auburn that they were giving away a unit.

Kyle came out to inspect the house, we met the qualifications, they came out yesterday and had it installed in one day.  It’s beautiful! The guys were all so nice. They even took the time to pet our dog, who had to be on tie-out during the installation, as the gate had to be left open and we

didn’t trust she would stay in the yard.  We are extremely grateful for the unit, the compassion and friendliness of everyone at Maki Heating & Air.

Roxana Hill, Grass Valley