Reader Input: Dogs gone?

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A couple of weeks ago my daughter, son-in-law and I were getting ready to ride the trail at the Auburn overlook. I left the trailer for a few minutes, when I returned my daughter was having a discussion with another trail rider. He had two loose dogs one of which startled our horses. She reminded him that loose dogs were not allowed on the trail. Placer County has a leash law.

We are Tevis volunteers (20-plus years) and she had a volunteer shirt on. He proudly showed his Tevis Buckle and informed her that he lived in the area and rode the trails all the time (we recognized him but didn't remember his name). In the distance I heard one of his dogs barking and a small animal squealing, probably from being attacked.

He left to go find his dog and returned shortly with both and I assume he put them in his trailer which I did not see. We left the assembly area and about 20 minutes later he passed us without his dogs.

I feel as residents (23-plus years in Auburn) and users of the trail we should set an example and follow the rules of the Auburn State Recreation Area and California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Our horses have been startled many times by dogs and/or bikes on the trails where they are not

allowed. Fortunately we have had no serious accidents.

I have owned dogs and horses for 50-plus years and ridden the tails but have never taken a dog with me on a trail.

Please respect the rules people and we can all get along.

Mary Freeland, Auburn