Auburn Cruise Nite: 5 Reasons To Go

Final Downtown Auburn Cruise Nite is Friday
By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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The final Auburn Cruise Nite of 2018 revs up this Friday and if you haven’t yet taken in one of the giant, open-air classic car shows this year, you’ll have to wait until late spring 2019 for another chance to gape at the glinting grandeur.

If you’re on the fence about attending the final Cruise of the year, here are five reasons to get in gear and skedaddle on down to Downtown Auburn for the event:

1. The Fabulous Finds

Chances are, you just might spot your Dream Machine parked along Lincoln Way on Friday. Or the nostalgia of the moment may spur some heavy reminiscing as you see a restored version of your old family car. With more than 200 vehicles likely to be on the street, there will be plenty of eye candy.

2. The Sound of Power

Dragsters will be on the street for viewing and Cruise Nite organizer Bob Kennedy is promising that they’ll be fired up twice during the evening. If you plan to get close, things are guaranteed to get loud so bring some ear protection.

3. Remember 9/11

The terrorist attacks on Eastern U.S. targets 17 years ago this past Tuesday will be remembered with a ceremony honoring the victims who died and the heroism of so many that day. It’s Auburn’s annual opportunity to remember and pay tribute.

4. Auburn Friendliness

Cruise Nite may not necessarily be about the cars for many people. With thousands of attendees, who knows who you’re liable to bump into on crowded Lincoln Way?

4. Last Chance

After 34 years, Cruise Nite has become an institution in Auburn but it goes away in the fall and winter. Enjoy one of the final, golden-hued summer evenings of the year and revel in an event that returns in May 2019.

Cruise Nite runs from 5-9 p.m., with Lincoln Way closed between Elm Avenue and High Street. Admission is free.