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Register now to vote for best county district supervisor

By: Jean Piette
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September is National Voter Registration Month. Voter registration is key to ensure you can make your voices heard on Election Day. If you are a registered voter, good. Just check your registration to be sure it is current. If you are not registered, be sure to register and encourage family and friends to register.

In Placer County we have many issues to consider when deciding how to vote. It can be overwhelming. The elected officials are responsible for making decisions that affect us. Placer County is divided into five districts, each having an elected supervisor. We are in District 5 and Jennifer Montgomery is our supervisor. District 5 includes all communities from North Auburn up to Tahoe.

In all of the Districts, there are many individuals in the county employee office including those who work in the county departments, serve on committees and boards and councils or are field representatives plus more, who provide information, research, create reports and give advice to the supervisors, who then make the decisions. There are also outside resources used to provide certain required studies and reports such as Environmental Impact Reports that the county pays for out of designated funds.

It is really crucial that the superintendents are knowledgeable when making decisions that are to reflect the needs of the people they represent. When the people find they are not being represented as they should be, it is necessary to correct the problem. Currently, in District 5, District 2 and District 3 there is one issue that involves the decisions the supervisors made regarding the Hidden Falls Regional Park Trails access. Supervisors in District 1 and District 4 must also be considered since their votes count.

The people in all districts are proactive in their attempts to protect their rights and address problems. We formed a grassroots organization, Protect Rural Placer ( We are Placer County registered voters who are residents and property owners who are positively addressing their rights. We are making their concerns known, attending and speaking at meetings, communicating at all levels available and appealing to the general public for support.

Please go online to Protect Rural Placer and learn more about what we are all about. Sign our petition and plan to attend some of the upcoming meetings. By registering to vote, when your supervisor is up for reelection, their record is important to consider when you decide how to vote.

Jean Piette is an Auburn resident.