Reader Input

Sour people

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My name is Anthony J. Cantrell. You all know me as the triplet dad. I worked for the Spirit of Halloween story for the past two years. This year counting as my third year.

I wanted to bring a topic to you guys regarding my decorated vehicle from bringing enjoyment to Auburn for being my hometown. I enjoy making others happy who have the spirit and love for Halloween as much as I do. But now things are kind of going sour of people on Auburn Chit Chat page to the point where a woman had made a gesture that she will turn my car into the authorities for my car looking, aka, real and not fake.
Others made comments like my car “should go away,” “grotesque,” “eyesore,” “I have a terrible mental status,” “distracting,” etc.

I tried requesting the Auburn Chit Chat page on Facebook and come to find out, that they banned me and they won’t tell me why.

I got pics from a lot of happy customers, and pics of my own of people posing with my car. Even a Placer County officer from last year. And I found out a gentlemen called here (the Journal) to say how much he liked my car and knew it brings fun and joy to many, even his grandson.

I’m also with the group with Crimson Tattoo with the Letters for Hope for the Foresthill Bridge.

Anthony Cantrell, Auburn