99 percent misplace their complaints

Reader Input
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I am not one of the 99 percent who overrun city parks and act like spoiled 3-year-olds wanting something they don’t have. Neither am I one of that 1 percent that our socialistic president wants to tax more than the 38 percent they already pay (which is 40 percent of all taxes paid). I grew up during the Depression. Then, the government did not give money to those who did no work. You had to work no matter how menial the job to survive and get ahead. Over the years those who worked hard, got a good education and kept at it did fine. Only a few became the 1 percent, but for the most part it was earned not given to them. Granted, some of the salaries and bonuses of CEOs and university executives are way too high for their worth. In some cases, it’s like an “old boys’ network,” you take care of me and I’ll take care of you. But this is not the cause of the decline in the economy. The blame falls mainly on Congress and the executive branch. Without the actions of Barney Frank and his committee and the agreement of the president and the rest of Congress the recession would not have happened. Their changing of the borrowing rules for mortgages and the pressure on the banks to loan for house borrowing, and the greed of people to trade in real estate by the price rises caused by these actions resulted in a price bubble. When the number of buyers became less than the number of sellers and those left with mortgages they could not pay the bubble burst and the recession got under way. If the “99” group really wants to do some good, go to Washington, D. C. and start moaning about their problems on the steps of Congress and at the rose garden of the White House. But for God’s sake have a reasonable story, not just cause problems. CORNELIUS S. OUGH, Auburn