aARDwolf a chosen mascot

Reader Input
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Apparently the Journal’s sources at ARD (Auburn Recreation and Parks District) did not inform you that there was a much more attractive contender in the exotic animal category than the aARDvark (Journal, Jan. 12). It is the aARDwolf. The aARDwolf (earth wolf in Afrikaner Dutch) is infinitely more attractive than the aARDvark (earth pig in Afrikaner Dutch), is found both in the wild and as a pet, and bears a remarkable resemblance to Master Yoda of Star Wars fame. Aardvark is “earth pig”, unattractive, habitually overweight, and eats awful-tasting ants. Aardwolf is “earth wolf,” athletic, maintains a healthy weight, and eats yummy, delightfully crunchy (I’m told) termites. And besides, if we choose aARDwolf, I can serve aARDwolf Happy Meals at the Community Festival, a delicious combination of free-range organic chicken and crunchy delectable tasty termites. Guaranteed, they will be a hit with at least a few people because of the taste and crunch sensation, whereas only someone bent on proving his suitability for a CIA job would ever eat an aARDvark burger battered in ants. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista