AAUW hardly nonpartisan

Reader Input
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Jeanene O’Brien was “surprised” and “shocked” that Congressman Tom McClintock “was opposed to every position that the American Association of University Women (AAUW) took on legislation,” (“McClintock voting record misses mark,” Reader Input, Aug. 17). Funny, she didn’t mention any of the legislation.
AAUW opposed the Cut, Cap and Balance Act and other legislation that would have put our nation back on the road to fiscal solvency. They support the federal government mandating what private employees may be paid. They oppose school choice and, of course, they support taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. In the past, the AAUW has been a vigorous supporter of Obamacare and the so-called “stimulus” spending that has ruined our economy and bankrupted our nation.
Trying to palm off the AAUW as non-partisan and moderate is a monumental deception. Thankfully, we have a congressman who is fighting to reduce the tax and regulatory burdens that have thrown millions of women (and men) into unemployment, debt and despair.
Carol Wilson, Lincoln