AB 2451 will bankrupt us

Reader Input
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Assembly Speaker (John A.) Perez has authored a stealth bill, AB 2451, that will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. At present, survivors of public safety workers who die of injury or disease traceable to the line of duty must file for death benefits within four and a half years. The effect of AB 2451 is to remove this time requirement, effectively giving every current, future and retired safety worker (firefighter, police officer, prison guard, etc., etc.) a lifetime publicly funded term life insurance policy with a payout of quarter of a million dollars or more. The bill itself is carefully crafted to conceal this purpose, and has been shepherded through the legislature on a track that skipped any fiscal analysis. Speaker Perez is a tool of the public safety unions and this bill shows it, but the fault lies with the rest of the legislature that never asked what the effect would be. The outcome of passing this bill into law will surely bankrupt counties and cities around the state. There is probably still time to prevail on the Senate to reject this, and to request the governor to veto it. Citizens (and news organizations) that care should check the details and analysis of this stealth giveaway and raise a voice against it. John Sisson, Newcastle