Abolish unions in education

Reader Input
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Having experienced first-hand the “wall of silence” from the Placer Hills Union School District at a meeting I attended only makes my imagination conjure up more questions.
The investigation was performed by school administrators and California Teachers Union representatives (“Politics as usual blocks teacher misconduct reform,” Beth Gaines, Another View, Sept. 5)? Am I right? Who knows? This procedure is private and not for the parents of the students to know.
So when Beth Gaines writes that “it is unconscionable” that school districts are prevented from acting to protect their students does not cite the real problem, which is the teachers’ union and the education system in California, in general.
The private sector is only needed to supply money and anything more is none of our business! No transparency here!
They are free to pretty much do as they wish and we in the private sector will never be the wiser.
As long as our government (of which you are are part of, Beth) can give themselves special perks and salaries and block any real meaningful legislation to the contrary and they (academia) get their pensions and health benefits for life and can’t be held accountable for poor performance, the probability for change is nil.
I suggest they abolish the unions in education and a civilian (non-public employee) review board (local professionals and business people) who have “skin in the game” and give them teeth to oversee the school districts in all aspects of their jobs, maybe then real change would happen.
Until then, California continues its downward spiral in education but public employees will still take care of themselves.
James McKesson, Auburn