Abortion before life begins OK

Reader Input
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It is tragic that so many people have lives adversely affected by the issue of abortion, or rather, the point at which a developing organism becomes a human life. There needs to be a legal definition of when human life begins and, in my opinion, it can be found in the exact opposite situation ... when life ends. Modern medicine tells us that life ends when all vestiges of brain activity cease to exist. The natural opposition to this position is that life “begins” at the very onset of any brain activity. Certainly modern medicine has determined this state with reasonable certainty. With the onset of any fetal brain activity a new human life would have emerged and to “delete” that life after that threshold would be morally, if not legally, wrong. Taking this position would, in my opinion, provide a “window of opportunity” to extract the developing organism without suffering a torrent of guilt. On the other hand, to violently oppose abortion “because,” is equally wrong, in my opinion. Bob Kaiser, Newcastle