Access fees will have negative impact

Reader Input
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I am very disappointed with the news that there will be access fees in many new areas between Auburn and Foresthill (“Nature’s beauty will cost you,” Journal, June 26).
Many people can’t afford the fee just to take a swim and it’s sad that they will not be able to enjoy our local wilderness. Outdoor recreation is a vital variable for physical and mental health, and being that we have obesity problems on the rise, these closures are detrimental to us.
These fees are definitely not the way to make up for tax-spending problems in the past that have put our state in bad shape. In addition to my earlier comments pertaining to fees being installed at many outdoor recreation areas around Auburn: last year fees were installed at Ponderosa Bridge and now the place is a ghost town.
People will merely seek other spots that don’t charge. The new fee areas will wind up the same way. Many people now use the natural resources around here, but as soon as the fees are installed there will be hardly any visitors. Bad for residents, bad for local businesses, etc.
Roger Cox, Foresthill