Access issues unaddressed

Reader Input
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The Baltimore Ravine has too many unanswered questions (Journal, July 14). As far as I know, Union Pacific has not given the green light to allow a bridge over the historic Bloomer Cut. If the bridge is not built, the only ingress and egress (could) be Werner Road to Ophir Road. Only one way in and out is a dangerous hazard in case of an emergency such as fire, impeding emergency vehicle’s access and restricting residents from leaving the area. The access in and out is in Placer County. The possible construction of the proposed Sacramento Livingston Concrete Batch plant off Ophir Road, across from Geraldson Road, which is just west of the Baltimore Ravine project, would not be a great place to establish a home, with the truck traffic, noise and dust. This project needs a lot more thought. Barbara Van Riper, Ophir, member of the Ophir Area Property Owners Association and of SARSAS