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Editor’s note: The following letter references letters all published in the Journal on April 6: Sally Palmer Dawley, “Support, don’t squash, local business.” Audrey Reighley, “Give merchants an even break.” I totally agree with their statements and opinions. I couldn’t have said it better. Dixie Cummings, “Decent people shop Wal-Mart.” What bubble does Sally Stanley live in? As Dixie Cummings said, “The tirade she publicly put out was completely and totally uncalled for.” Frances McCutchen, “Displeased with both Gaineses.” My husband and I “will not” vote for Beth Gaines. We are also Republicans. Frances’ opinion and comments concerning the Gaineses were right-on. These extra elections are costing the taxpayers valuable dollars that could be spent on other much-needed programs and services Wanda Magee, Penryn