Achievements by our president

Reader Input
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Re: “Obama worst since Carter” by Robert Moggridge (Reader Input, July 20). Let’s take a moment to list some accomplishments of the Obama administration as well as things that need to be done. 1. Health care: New insurance pools are being created so those with serious medical problems can get affordable insurance. Insurance rates are being monitored so that costs will be contained. 2. Financial reform: A consumers’ protection agency will make sure that mortgages, credit card statements are written in clear, understandable language. 3. TARP: Prevented a “meltdown” of our financial system. Thousands of jobs ranging from teachers to firemen were saved. The effect is only now appreciated when these same people will be laid off since the funds are exhausted. 4. Low taxes Work to be done: 1. An energy policy that makes the U.S.A. independent and reduces CO2 so our people and the environment will be healthy. 2. Immigration reform that makes our borders secure and treats people fairly. 3. Election reform that reduces the influence of big money from lobbyists. 4. The economy: Eventually, we will have to address the problems of funding Social Security and Medicare (the deficit), but it seems unfair to punish those unemployed who are actively pursuing work. It is time to extend unemployment benefits. 5. Military spending needs to be addressed since we spend more that the entire world. Can we afford to be the world’s policeman? Karen Tajbl, Auburn