ACLU lawsuit impacts young students

Reader Input
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I am writing this letter re: Friday’s front-page article by Sara Seyydin. Thank you so much for getting the word out on our schools’ latest budget crisis. Not only are our high schools affected, but our elementary schools. Besides all sports programs, all field trips are being cut because of this ACLU court case. As an example, my daughter’s sixth-grade class was not able to go to the Egyptian Museum this year. Much of the curriculum studied in this unit came from this museum. (It houses a “real mummy.”) I feel that along with sports activities, field trips are also an important part of education. I forgot to mention the arts as well! Our schools are already suffering from budget cutbacks and now this ACLU lawsuit is limiting our schools even more. How ironic though, our government is encouraging and funding state pre-school programs for 2-year-olds. These little children are being put into programs that are not developmentally based, and pushing our babies too soon. I don’t understand why we are putting so much stress on our children to perform at such young ages, but cannot follow through to provide educational programs that keep them motivated when they are an appropriate age. On a positive note: I would like to say “thank you” to Ms. Machado for fully funding the Auburn Symphony assemblies at Bowman Elementary School. We are very grateful for her donation to make this wonderful, inspiring assembly possible. Thank you again from myself, my daughter and our family. JULIE WILLIAMS, Auburn