The activities don?t stop at cooperative Sierra Preschool

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Sierra Preschoolers are hard at work learning – and growing – in Auburn.

Sierra Preschool is a parent-cooperative preschool that has been in the Auburn community for more than 50 years.  The school is based upon a play-based curriculum that enhances experiences during a time when students’ cognitive, social, physical, and emotional developments are growing and expanding.

Outdoor play, job tables and interacting with other children give them the tools to understand the world. They learn to express and control emotions, challenge themselves, solve problems and practice new and old skill sets.

Occupational Therapist Linda Kline visits the classrooms twice a month to work with the children on developing and expanding sensory motor skills. 

Sierra Preschool is at 13315 Luther Road, Auburn. For information, call (530) 823-3557.