Acton, Juceams close to agreement on restraining order

By: Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer
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ROSEVILLE — An apparent agreement has been reached between the parents of Hannah Rose Juceam, whose nanny is accused of causing her death, and the defense attorney in the case, who filed a temporary restraining order and request to stop harassment against Scott and Lorena Juceam. Steven Parshall was the only party to appear in a Roseville courtroom Friday morning, representing Mary Beth Acton, the defense attorney in the case against Veronica Martinez Salcedo. Salcedo is charged with assault causing the death of a child in the May 2006 death of toddler Hannah Rose Juceam. The decision as to whether Salcedo will face a third trial, after the first two ended in jury deadlock, will be considered next week. “I represent the petitioner,” Parshall told the judge. “The parties have reached an agreement and we would ask that this be continued for two weeks to allow us to conduct more paperwork.” The restraining order will remain in effect in the meantime, Parshall said. Asked about the specifics of the agreement outside the courtroom, Parshall said, “I have no com-ment.” The Juceams were served the order June 24. The couple have also filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Salcedo. The temporary restraining order states that the Juceams must stay 300 yards away from Acton and four other people including her family and staff. It includes staying away from their homes and cars. The order states that the Juceams cannot harass or contact those listed on the order. The couple is also ordered not to possess or try to buy or sell any guns or other firearms. The order is based on stalking and a credible threat of violence, according to court documents. Within the order to stop harassment, Acton wrote, “the Juceam family has been extremely vocal, hostile and threatening towards me and my entire defense team. Law enforcement has voiced their concern for my safety.” She listed June 18 as the most recent date of harassment when Acton and the Juceams were both in court for part of closing arguments. Acton described how Scott Juceam took photos and videos of her and threatened to publish them on a Web site. “This was meant to incite others to commit acts of violence towards me, my staff and family,” Ac-ton said. Acton also indicated that the Juceams have continually “yelled threats and insults” at her in open court and have made statements that they would physically harm others around her. She wrote that she fears Scott Juceam will act on his threats and is aware that he owns a gun. “I am afraid for my life and my family and my staff,” Acton wrote. The order also requests that the Juceams no longer photograph or record Acton, her staff and her family. The Juceams’ civil suit, field on May 13, 2008 in Placer County Superior Court, states that on May 11, 2006, Veronica Martinez Salcedo “forcefully and violently shook Hannah Rose Juceam so as to cause the infant to sustain a severe brain injury.” It further states that the injury resulted in Hannah’s death May 13, 2006. The suit further stated that Salcedo’s conduct was “reckless, malicious and oppressive.” As a result of Salcedo’s actions, the suit said that the Juceams “have sustained pecuniary damages resulting from the loss of society, comfort, attention, services and support from their deceased child.” The suit calls for an unspecified amount of damages that exceeds $25,000. The Juceams are seek-ing payment for general damages, for medical, burial and funeral expenses, and exemplary damages all according to proof at time of trial, according to the suit. The suit also asks for compensation for attorney fees and costs of the suit and for other relief the court may deem appropriate. The restraining order hearing will take place at 8:30 Aug. 1 in Dept. 30 at the Bill Santucci Justice Center in Roseville. The decision on a third trial is expected to take place at 8:30 a.m. July 28 in Dept. 13 at the DeWitt Center in Auburn. The Journal’s Jenifer Gee contributed to this report. The Journal’s Jenna Nielsen can be reached at or post a comment.