ADA attorney in it for himself

Reader Input
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Scott Johnson, aka defender of Americans with Disabilities Act and perhaps a lawyer isn’t interested in helping persons with disabilities. He is clearly in it for himself. This has been going on for so long I can’t believe there hasn’t been a formal investigation into Mr. Johnson’s “business practices.” How disgusting is this man? Offering to settle for a new car or money to drop a lawsuit? Sounds fishy to me. I hope I’m around to view the Karma Bus picking him up. I’m sorry for all the local businesses that are dealing with this man. Good luck to you and never give up! He needs to be held accountable for his despicable actions. By the way, I’m not saying compliance of ADA should be ignored, I’m saying you have a guy here who is abusing the ADA for his own personal gain while destroying the lives of good, honest people. I’m sure Mr. Johnson will come up with a rebuttal of some sort. After all, he is a lawyer just trying to make a living. Nancy Miller, Auburn