ADA lawsuits gouge public

Reader Input
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In reference to the ADA lawsuits (Journal, Aug. 24): I am, along with other businesses, the victims of these lawsuits. At present there are three businesses in City of Davis being sued by Mr. Scott Johnson and the thing is that if the person is genuinely injured, then there is no problem, but it is not the question of being injured. It is all about making easy money by scaring the daylights out of mom-and-pop businesses. The unfortunate part is that the person who files these kinds of lawsuits are disabled attorneys and they want the common person to believe that whatever they are doing is true. Ultimately, all this hurts is the common citizen. Costs are passed on to the customers, which is the common citizen. Therefore, I hereby appeal to all the common citizens through your newspaper to fight these unfair lawsuits and help the small business which is known as the backbone of America. The lawmakers of the entire State of California and local city and county council members should join this fight to save small businesses in California from these unfair practices. Suresh Kumar, Sacramento